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#21 Posted : 27 May 2013 22:58:03(UTC)

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@ imran khan

There are mostly two categories of immigrations.

1. This first type is totally impatient. As soon as they make an application they want to run around and find out what to do, and start making enquiries within a few days.

2. Other group is those people who do not care at all. They just sleep until they face problems.

It seems brother that you are in the second group.

What have you been waiting for until now?
You applied in January and not even got a COA and you have taken no action yet?

Did you send your application by recorded post? Did you check if it actually reached UKBA?

The number to ring is 0845 010 5200

#22 Posted : 29 May 2013 18:53:37(UTC)

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mate it's not I don't care it's maybe wrong info I got what I know it takes 6 months and COA can take long to arrive, after sending 
recorded delivery I got confirmation from UKBA when I called them.

could you kindly advise me if you can what actions may I take and if there's 
any non geographical phone number or email add I can use,  the non geographical number I had doesn't work anymore.




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#23 Posted : 28 September 2013 19:35:50(UTC)

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Hi Ali

Your original post and information you gave was priceless , really appreciated and big thanks, in extension you added two important notes which one of them was:
- The EEA national does not lose that citizenship when becoming a British citizen.

Unfortunately my EEA spouse would lose her original EEA citizenship if she succeed become a British Citizen , how that would impact this short cut? would I not be able to use the short cut and avoid one year on PR?
and she is still not British Citizen and I just reached end of my 5 years resident card ( stamped in my passport ) and don't know whether I should apply for Permanent Resident EEA4  or no need ? and what if she gets her British citizenship meanwhile? if you have any information and advise I will be very grateful. thanks. 

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#24 Posted : 19 February 2014 12:54:16(UTC)

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Hi there.

I am Russian married to Irish citizen. We've been married since 2008 and been living in the UK for the last 5 years. On the 15th March 2014 it is going to be exactly 5 years since I came to live in the UK. My Residency Card of a Family Member of EEA expiers in November 2014. My husband is entitled to apply for a British passport as he was born in Northen Ireland.

The question is:  If we wait until 15th March 2014 (my 5 years in the UK) and my husband applies and gets his British passport shortly after, can I then apply for Naturalisation as a British citizen straight away without having to wait until 15th March 2015 (6 years in the UK) ?

It sounds to me that your story is very similar to mine.

Thanks. Irene

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#25 Posted : 22 May 2014 14:45:25(UTC)

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To whom it my concern.
I would like to share this information with anyone that is in the same boat as my wife was
and how she was successful with her Naturalisation application.

- I am EEA citizen and living since 1999 in UK. Working since that time with full
P11D. I held in Y04 the IRL.

- My wife a NON-EEA arrived in the UK in June 04. Held a 1Y Family Permit of EEA.
She is house wife and not working (Her Family Permit is depended on me)

- In Y05, my NON-EEA wife applied for her EEA2 and got it for 5-Years, which
expires in Sept 2010.

- In Y08 I "a EEA citizen" my Naturalisation application was successful and became British

- In June 2009, my wife finished her 5-Year stay and automatically held the "Permanent Residency"
based on the UK EEA law. She did not need to apply for EEA4. It was not a must.

Because she holds a EEA2 permit valid until Sept 2010, and she is allowed to apply for
British Citizenship on June 2010 (One-Year on Permanent Residency rule), she really
did not need to send her passport to get EEA4 and everybody in EEA rule knows how long that
take ;)

BUT, there is a short cut, UK citizenship law for EEA and thier family member either EEA or NON-EEA
states that the family member can skip that one year Permanent Residency status if his/her
EEA spouse in the mean time has become a British Citizen.
All this info is clear on The UK Border Agency website.

This meant, because I (The husband) am now also British Citizen, my wife did not need to wait
for one year on her "Automatic" Permanent Residency and is able to apply for British Citizenship
in June 2009, the day she got her Automatic EEA Permanent Residency.

This saved her two things:
1- No need to send her passport to get EEA4 stamp (Lord knows how long that would have
2- Reduced her Residency Rule for EEA and thier Family member (NON-EEA) from 6-years
(5 years EEA2 & 1 Year PR) to 5-years.

Now, because she is not working and never worked yet (looking after our kids at
home), these are the documents needed for her Naturalisation Application.

NOTE: I would advice anyone in the same situation as my wife was to send their
naturalisation application via Council service "Nationality Checking Service". In my
wife case, while we where there, they called direct the Naturalisation Case worker who knew
very well all the laws and rule and confirmed the above and short cuts and the documents

So here ware the documents needed in the case of my wife:

Note: Services via Nationality Checking Service, you can keep the original
documents + passports. They certify the photo copies.

1-The Husband EEA & British passport
2- The Husband Naturalisation as British Citizenship certificate.
3- The Wife (Applicant) NON-EEA passport (with EEA2 stamp)
4- Life in the UK test pass certificate
5- Since the wife does not work, the then Husband last 6-years P11D
6- Letter from GP or Dentist confirming that the wife has been registered at them
for the past 5-years and is regularly visiting the practice (This proves that she has
been resident in the UK for 5-years, as she does not have P11D).
7- Our marriage certificate
8- Up-to-date Council Tax statement (To confirm the address)
9- Utility Bill as another confirmation of address
10- Last three months Bank statement (Applicant if he/she has one or from the
EEA/British spouse).

My wife time line :
- June 2004 Arrived in the UK with 1-Year EEA Family permit
- Sept 2005 EEA2 stamp (Resident Document) valid until Sept 2010
- June 2009 My wife applied for British Citizenship based on the above laws
and described.
- Sept 2009 British Citizenship Application successful
- Oct 2009 British Citizenship ceremony
- Oct 2009 British Passport

If anyone is in the same situation and unless the current Citizenship Law does not
change, the above is what you can do :-)

Good luck.
#26 Posted : 22 May 2014 14:45:25(UTC)

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Hi Mohammad,

Thanks a million for your time and very helpful information.

My siutation is very similar to your wife's excep the followings:

1) My husband received his British passport just several months after my arrival in the UK; so I didn't have my permenant residence card then.

2) My husband had to give up his EEA nationality and passport because dual nationality was not possible for him.

3) I have been working in the UK since one year after my arrival.

I have been living in the UK since November 2009, first with a 6-month entry and then received my 5-year residence card that expires in 2015. I don't have an indefinite leave yet because my 5-year will be fulfilled in November 2014 (according to EEA regulations).

I want to know if I still have to follow EEA route or now I should follow the rules for the wife of a British citizen?

Thank you very much for your help,



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#27 Posted : 21 April 2016 15:16:32(UTC)

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Mohammad ali are you still active on this forum
I wanted to take your advice with regards to your experience as I have quite similar background
Please reply back
Or email me please on
Waiting for you our reply
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