9 years ago

hi, I am mother of 2 kids 10 and 7 and the younger one was born in uk, I've been here since last 9 years and working consistently since last 3 yrs.  my ex partner and father of kids lives in Portugal, i am now happily married to Asian man. i want to get passport for my kids and for the same i have passed life in UK test and planning to apply for ILR for me and kids and then later after an year on ILR apply for passports for me and kids. ''Is this the right way to do it???'' 

i work only 16 hours a week due to having to take care of kids, and my partner works around 24 per week. i receive child benefit and working tax credit and some little housing benefit. I have around 4000 balance in my savings. i have passed life in uk and have been excercising treaty rights by working consistently for 3 yrs. is there anything else i need to do?

this does not concern my husband, i am applying for myilr and  my kids, but does his working hours matter? he got offered a new job  but temporary at the moment, i am afraid if he loses the job while application is under review, it may become a problem??

please advice, am keenly looking for answers.