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17 years ago
Home office sent me an invitatin after about a week and I had 14 days to contact my council to arrange my ceremony withing 90 days. Different people have different procedure.  prior to mine, home office will sent them one letter giving them the date to appear or rearrange something like that. But you are home free...
17 years ago

You will get a letter of invitation from the council. Sometimes the date and time is set for you and someetimes you have to call and make a date/time, it depends on the local authority in which you live.

It should be soon, however your letter should also state that if you don't hear anything within the next few.....etc...then to contact  home office number given on letter.


Remember to take with you your ID, usually your passport, don't forget to take the invitation also. You will also be given a choice of how you wish to swear allegiance. The words are written out for you in the invitation but you won't have to learn them ,as at the ceremony you repeat them one line at a time as in a marriage ceremony
17 years ago

Thanks for the reply and the support Mr Waheed and Mrs G.

The letter did say that if I dont recieve the invitation within 2 weeks of this letter's date (dated 17 Feb 07) I have to contact the home office on a number mentioned in the letter. But I think I am not in a hurry. As Mr Waheed said I think I am home and dry so few days wait will not do me that much harm. I just hope to sort out every think to beat the April dead line for the proposed personal interview for first time passport applicants.

Not that I have got anything to hide or something but just to avoid the inconvenience.



17 years ago

Dear Alos,

Congratulations! I am still waiting to hear from the Home Office

When did you put in your application? How long did the whole process take?

Well done!

17 years ago

hi Jasmine,

Thanks. I have submitted my application on 16 January 2007 through NCS. Home office recieved the application on 18th of January and acknowledged the application reciept on 24th Jan. Approval date 17th Feb 07, recieved today.

All in all it took 30 days exactly.

I hope you too will hear the good news soon.


17 years ago

Hi Alos,

Congratulations 🙂.

We got the Invitation Letter from the Home Office after 2 1/2 weeks that listed the details of our council with the phone numbers etc.. The letter then asked us to contact the council to arrange for a ceremony. Once I contacted the council, I got the invitation letter from the Council.

Don't worry about the Invitation Letter, you will get it soon 🙂.

Once again, congratulations.


17 years ago

Hi Navneet,

It seems different councils have different procedures.

Thanks mate.


17 years ago

I would like to share this good news with you. I have recieved today a letter from the home office saying that my application to British Citizenship has been successful and that I will shortly recieve the invitation letter to attend the Citizenship ceremony. They also advised me not to contact my local council before I recieve the invitation letter. They did not say from whom shall I recieve the ivitation letter (Home office or local council?).

Can anyone please tell me how is the normal procedure.

Needless to say that I am over the moon now !!!!!!!

I hope those of you who are still waiting for their approval will hear the good news soon.