12 years ago
What's "life in the uk test" ? cam anyone give more information about this test.


12 years ago
As far as current rules are concerned, Life in the UK test does not expire. But what will be the rules after 10 years is anybodys guess.
Reading your post, I cannot stop thinking that you probably did not declare an unspent conviction when making naturalisation application, and thats why you have been barred for 10 years.
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12 years ago
hi,I'm very gald to chat you. Have you ever lived in the uk?
12 years ago
You did not say who is the subject of your query. If it is myself, then not that I have ever lived in UK, but I currently do live in UK and have done so for over a decade.
12 years ago

does  life in the uk test has expires?i did mine in 2009 and now i just been told i have to wait 10 years before i can apply  naturalisation,as i have criminal record before i got my status.

12 years ago
Please clarify. What happened in 2009? When you committed the offence? Or when you were convicted in Court, and fined etc?
8 years ago
How to Pass Life in the UK Test. Best tips for British Citizenship Exam
So in order to prepare for Life in the UK Test for 2016, I gave myself about 1 week. Now keeping in mind that I never been overly academic in school and for me my brain worked in different way. So some of the tips that I will give you might be helpful. Especially if you are like me that if you read a boring book that goes in you one ear and comes out from another ear. But some people are lucky that that got photographic memory and they can easily remember. But for me it was bit more challenging. But I have to say that the time I spent on Online UK Test was worthy cause I got 24 questions correct and I finished my exam within 10 minutes.
The scary thing about the Life in the Test is the text book looks small but it is full of information that's really difficult to remember. For example some small paragraph can contain more that 20 information which is very tough to remember. I read the book twice and still didn't retain anything I mean majority of it. So what I found helpful doing the online test. There are few good website. One of the website I found very helpful which is I just finished their all 40 mock test and I felt confident about my preparation. So this website super duper helpful and I passed on my first attempt.
So why this website is helpful:
1. Answer with picture
Most of the answer from their mock test got picture message with explanation. For example when you finish your mock test 1. Check your result if you have passed or not. After that click view question and you will get the explanation of each question. Most of them with picture message. So you get to read specific information for that particular question. That really helps to remember easily.
2. Take time in reading the answer of each question
Read each answer carefully and try to relate with the question. In the real exam some question can be different with the same answer or the answer can be little different. But when you read the question and read the explanation of the answer carefully that makes it easy to remember.
3. Remember you only need 18 correct answer
I know dates and number are the most difficult part of the exam. But from my experience I can say that there are maximum 1 or 2 question can appear in the exam with dates and numbers. So don't worry. I asked lot of candidates who passed their exam before me, told me that they got 1 or sometime 2 question with dates. I hope it gives you some confidence now.
4. Take time to answer. You will get 45 minutes which is enough.
Since the questions in the exam are phased differently from the online practice test, the answer may be different. But as I told you before, read each explanation of answer carefully and try to relate with the question.
5. Go to test centre early
I went to test early as I didn't want to be late and stressed out. My exam was suppose to start from 12:30 PM. But they said I can start my test early as I am already there. So I started my test 20 minutes early and finished my exam within 10 minutes. And I passed. Thanks
7 years ago
Hi everyone,
I need some advice for required documentation for British Passport.
I passed "Life Uk in Test" & "CEFR B1" English test on 2014 to for applied ILR, on this document no written any validity Date. Now this document almost 3 years old. This year I'm planning to apply for British Passport. Now I'm confusing can I use this documents to apply for British Passport or I need to give again new test for both exams?
If anyone does have any experience about documentation, is is great helpful for me!
Thanks you!