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11 years ago

Hi everyone,

I’ve been
trying to find information on UKborder Agency website but the more I’m looking the more confused I’d became.
I’d much appreciate if you could give some advice on the matter I am having.

I am a non-EEA national who lives in the UK since 02/07/2005.

I came here
with a student visa which was required for my studies.

I’ve been
living together with an EU national as boyfriend and girlfriend since
03/2008 (which I am able to prove with our utility bills).

We got
married in 01/02/2010 and I’ve been issued with
an EEA family permit on the 18/02/2010. Then I’ve received my EEA2 Residence
Card 25/08/2011 which is valid from 25/08/2010 and it’s issued for 5 years.

I’ve been a
house wife since 09/2010 so my family permit is depending on my husband.


I was
wondering under EU law when can I apply for British Citizenship?

Is it 5
years from the time we’ve been living together?

Is it 5
years from time we’ve got married?

Or is it 5
years from the time I’ve been issued with the residence card?

residence card by the way had gone when I got mugged in Barcelona in 08/2011. The one I’ve hold is a
replacement permit and it’s valid from 14/09/2011)


another thing as well. My husband has got his Permanent residence status since 11/01/2011and he became a British Citizen on the 22/10/2012. (The issue date of the
Certificate is the 15/11/2012). So now because of his dual nationality I could
become a British Citizen under British law as well.

So the question

Is it 2 years
from the date he has been issued with his PR?

Is it 2
years from the date he became a British Citizen?

Or has the
law changed from 2 years to 5 years this year?


And if it
wasn’t enough now I don’t know if I have to apply for a different permit because
he became British?


Thank you
very much for the time you spent reading my letter. Any advice is much