11 years ago
Dear Admin,


May I have a question on the provision of ID when taking a test?

I was refused of taking my test today as I was unable to provide the original registered ID. My passport is my only available ID but it is currently in the hand of the Home Office. After a tribunal occurred last week the home representative returned me the passport temporarily for photocopying it to allow me to take the test and the photocopy is with the signature and verification of my solicitor. So the passport photocopy is the only ID I am holding now but today the test centre manager still denied my taking the test.

In this case, may I enquire about the possible solutions for the issue? Doesn't none of the test centre accept the non-original ID even the one with some degrees of confirmation (I also hold the letter from the home office about my application progress)?

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11 years ago
No test centre would accept anything apart from your original passport or driving license.

In exceptional circumstances, home office can authorise other kind of documents to be submitted, on a case to case basis and where there is a need for it.

Since your case was heard in tribunal, I do not think you will have any need to pass LifeinUK Test, and hence there is no way of doing the test until you get your original passport in your hands.