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18 years ago

Your corrections and comments will be much appreciated. Please send them to


M Fidan

18 years ago
I think your site is much needed and is a great resource for those about to take the test. I teach ESOL and have many students who find it useful. However, I was suprised to find so many grammar mistakes in the practice tests. I'd be happy to proof read them for you if you like.
  • malikw
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18 years ago

I think everyone will welcome your
input.  My first language is not English and I think it?s true for most of
the people here. I learn my English from speaking to others and grammar in my
grammar school in Pakistan.
I do make mistakes but I learn from my mistakes. If I had learned grammar I might have made less mistakes.

To do a good deed, you really don't need anyone?s permission like one of the
major shoe company's logo "Just Do It".

Please do tell about the Web site to your
students. Hopefully, someone will benefit from this site or if they tell
someone else.


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