15 years ago
Hello to admin,

Me and my wife used this site almost 3 years ago and it helps us a lot since this is the only source of pratice test we have , we've passes the exam in 1 attemp.. i just want to ask if the materials or the practice test were already updated since i've heard that there are few chapters added. i was surprised to be honest when i try to recall my username and password , and its still active . i want to reccomend this site to my friends . i hope this would help them too in passing the exam ..

thanks to all of the admin members.

and more power to you.


15 years ago

Hi J.R.

The official book was revised by the H.O. last year and 2 more chapters added to exam making it in total of 5. Lifeintheuk.org site is totally up to date with all these changes.

A seperate note on your account; accounts are normally deleted after 2 months of inactivity apart from the ones used in forums. I guess you must have sent a message to one of the forums and therefore your account is still accessible. Your account will only be removed if you request us to do so.


E Fidan