8 years ago

I would like to get some guidance on how to proceed with this matter.

I'm married to a British woman and our 2 children have the British passport. We were living abroad and just recently moved to UK 2 months back and I was granted a spouse visa based on total savings we own.

From what I understand, my wife can apply for benefits including housing benefits that include her and the kids as long as she is not claiming anything for me. 

We are both not working at the moment and I am actively looking for a job now.

How will applying for benefits, that some of them require the person applying has no job (which is the case) or savings less than GBP15,000, affect the general status of later on applying for ILR for my self.

Even though I managed to apply for a spouse visa on bases of savings, most of it has been consumed up by various expenditures during and after moving to UK. Will there be a direct link to the amount of savings that we initially declared in this case?

Many thanks for your help