8 years ago

Guys need help 

I am due to apply for naturalization

I have 3 issue

1. PND for shoplifting 10 years ago never declared on any applications not even ILR it was 8 years old and not conviction I thought they asking only for convection or something you gone to court for , it was paid and not been refereed to court . It comes up on PNC under non convection .

2. Having small amount of cannabis with me 4 years ago given formal warning - wasn't taken to police station and it does not come up on PNC but it comes up on local police , didn't mention on ILR and at the time was over 24 months .

3. Fixed Penalty Notice last year only 1 , 3 points and paid it and was not refereed to court again . on counter part it says FPN .

now for naturalization I would declare all of them but as non are convection under what section should I mention ?

also by not mentioning at the time of ILR ( did not have any effect on decision ) would it be considered deception ? I did not think I would have to mention it as it was only asking for conviction .

can someone please help , I am having no sleep for a while and would appreciate if could help .

whats the likelihood of success on naturalization . I have been here 14 years , lawful residency 

Many Thanks