12 years ago
Hi Dominika,

The correct version of the study materials is the version you have that was published in 2007. The materials haven't been updated since then.

With the out of date facts in the study materials - such as minium wages - you should learn the facts as reproduced in the book. This may seem strange given they are wrong but it is what you will be tested on. For instance, despite a census having been carried out in 2011 questions can be asked like this:

"In 2001, what percentage of the population of the UK were from ethnic minorities?"

David Cameron did hint that the entire test would be revised at the end of last year as well, but no further announcements have followed about that so it's going to be a while before anything happens.


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12 years ago
Just to make sure - I'm using the book Life in the UK - Journey to citizenship but it was published 2007. My test is on 25th May 2012. Is there any new,updated book I should buy? (e.g.the wages are different now etc) Or am I gonna be fine with this handbook only? Thanks!!